What People Say About Judy’s Training Workshops and Retreats


“It was an excellent day all around! The team needed to have a coming together experience that focused on team building and giving us all hope.”

“You did a masterful job of hitting the high points, creating just the right pace, and allowing for unplanned conversations that turned out to be highly relevant. I really saw your expertise and experience at work…so impressive…and I could see the engagement, the learning, the thinking, and the encouragement as our group took away new information, new perspectives, new tools, and for most, a sense of hope…. We all owe you a great debt of gratitude for leading us into a better place and giving us renewed confidence and empowerment.”

It was definitely good. The exercises and words of wisdom helped to continue seeing the bigger picture.”

“Was a great use of time for stated goals…relaxing, low key, time to be/bond together and definitely a nice way to move through our many changes.”

“Judy did a fabulous job at leading us through a day that was entirely validating of our struggles while being focused on empowerment and skill building.”

“Able to meet and share common experiences with peers as we move towards a common goal.”

“It was a good use of time because it brought the management team together to work on common concerns, built some team spirit, and established forward movement.”

“It was good to take a step away from the everyday work to look at the big picture. It was also good to hear others’ perspectives about how they are doing with all the changes that have happened.”

Special Positives

“Bonding over shared thoughts and ideas!”

“It was refreshing and validated some of the strategies already in place.”

“Excellent use of personal and group time…many important takeaways!”

“It was a good use of my time in that it allowed me to see the other side of the coin.”

“Really good day!”

“Bless you, Judy. We love you!”

“I came away feeling more empowered, and in charge of my destiny.”

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