Training Workshops, Presentations and Public Speaking

Judy Nelson is an engaging and inspiring presenter, sharing practical, down-to-earth insights that executives can use right away!  As a keynote speaker and a leader of seminars and workshops, Judy Nelson can address a wide range of topics and will customize her presentation to the mission, values and strategic objectives of your company, agency or department.

“I came away from our retreat feeling more empowered and in charge of my destiny.”
“I was dreading this retreat until I found out that Judy Nelson was leading it. Then I knew we’d have fun–and get things done!”

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Examples of Previous Trainings

  • “Ready, Set PLAY (Your Living And Your Life Depend On It!)”
  • “Tools for Effective Feedback” — How To Give/Get Negative Feedback Without  Getting Smacked
  •  “Fix YOU, First; Then Manage Others: Managing Your Mouth and Other Body Parts for Success”
  • “Five Dysfunctions of a Team Plus One: Tools for Team Building That Work
  • “The Emotionally Intelligent Path to Excellence”
  • “Coping with the ‘New Normal’: Change, Chaos and Choices”
    Seminars and trainings are tailored to the needs of the organization.

    NOTE: Judy Nelson believes that laughter, having fun and active involvement of participants are all vital to learning and engagement. All of her trainings, facilitations and public speaking incorporate humor, extensive interaction and hands-on learning.

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