Encore Career

Your Encore Career: Has Your Someday Arrived?

  • Are you approaching a point in your life when you are considering a new direction?
  • Are you retired but miss the creativity and energy of working?
  • Have you been “downsized” and are considering your options?

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Maybe it’s time to consider your Encore Career.

movie-clapper-board-vector_cropOWhat is an Encore Career?

An Encore Career is the one that you always wanted but never before had time to pursue. It’s the one you always thought you might like more than your actual career. It’s the one career dreamed about doing someday while staring a brake lights in your daily commute, but that life and obligations kept you from going after before now.


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How I Can Help

Welcome and congratulations. Deciding to explore an encore career is an exciting and enriching experience. Having discovered and successfully launched my encore career, I have insight I can share based on my experiences. What is more important, I can help you skip over the bumps and skids that come from trying something new and share with you the wisdom gained from my mistakes.

Before my current venture, I had 35 years of experience running several organizations in my role as CEO and other senior leadership positions. I have several tools that will help others run their encore business more effectively, as well as practical tools to enhance their experience along the way.

You are at a point in your career where the time for honest reassessment and opportunity have come together to create the someday you have always waited for to pursue your dreams. I hope this resource can offer you insight, practical advice, and inspiration as you create the career you always wanted, but never had a chance to pursue before today.

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