Workplace and Career Assessments


Judy’s Note about Assessments:

Among the many assessments available to individuals and organizations, I prefer two that have the best research, pose the least emotional risk for the client, and create the most long-lasting impact. Because of the success of these tools, I have become certified in their use.  These are global tools which I give in person or virtually.

Workplace Big 5 Profile 4.0

The Workplace Big 5 Profile stimulates changes in self- awareness and identifies ways to maximize natural energy and talents.

More than 70,000 individuals have taken the “Big 5” in order to focus on the workplace and help set specific goals for individual work or for coaching.  Scores are on a continuum and are informative, not labeling or threatening.

The Workplace Big 5 Profile is also a great tool to use with teams. Individual scores are compared in a team training workshop, an environment that is safe for participants to explore their own and their colleagues’ comfort and discomfort zones. This professionally facilitated forum helps reduce the all-too-common tendency to assign negative motives, and it increases positive collaboration.

The Big 5 Assessment and coaching allowed me to take my management and leadership skills to the next level. It gave me very specific tools I could utilize daily and generalize to any challenge I was facing in the workplace. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”

– Allison Maxim, Regional Director, Seneca Orange County

“Through her guidance and support, I have been able to identify my passion and have figured out how to do what I love.”

– Linda LiBrizzi, LCSW, Family Finding Specialist


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