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JudyNelson-websiteJudy Nelson is a dynamic and committed coach, consultant and motivational speaker.  She uses her exceptional credentials and experience as a non-profit CEO, trained attorney and social worker to help strengthen the leadership styles, personal qualities, and team performance of individuals and organizations.

A trained and certified coach for organizations of all kinds, Judy has a particular specialty in working with non-profit organizations. She understands funding, leadership and service and weaves that understanding through every aspect of the client relationship. In addition to coaching, Judy is certified to give a variety of personality assessments related to the workplace.

Judy brings more than 35 years of executive experience. She holds a Master’s in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University, a Juris Doctor from the University of Kansas School of Law, and a Certificate  in public policy and social services from Harvard Kennedy School; she is also a Graduate of the College of Executive Coaching. She has held CEO positions for various non-profit organizations, has served on the Virginia Governor’s Commission for Children & Youth, and has been an adjunct graduate faculty member for the University of Southern California and other universities around the nation.

In addition to being an effective coaching partner, Judy is also an engaging and inspiring author and presenter. She co-authored the book Leading the Way to Success and hosts a web radio show. Judy has numerous professional affiliations, including membership in the International Coach Federation, and is an innovative and energetic leader of client-tailored seminars and workshops. Judy Nelson resides with her husband in Southern California.

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Helping You Achieve Your Personal
and Professional Goals

How do you go from very good to the very best? From competence to peak performance?

From highly successful to personally and professionally fulfilled?

For many accomplished professionals, these vexing questions may arise in mid-career as they struggle to:

  • Balance their personal and professional lives
  • Adapt to environments that require new skills or new strengths
  • Grapple with feelings that life moves too quickly and important opportunities are being missed
  • Achieve a higher level of professional excellence and fulfillment

Gifted athletes have great coaches. And so do exceptionally talented professionals!

Find out more:

  • Executive Coaching to help successful people develop and sustain peak performance, and find greater satisfaction in their professional and personal lives.
  • Coaching for Your Organization: Harness the power of executive coaching to increase staff retention, turn good performers into great ones, and help your star players find greater satisfaction in their personal lives and professional careers.
  • Invite Judy Nelson to Motivate Your Team. As a keynote speaker, presenter, or leader of seminars and workshops, Judy Nelson delivers simple but powerful lessons from her career as an executive and coach.

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